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A Team Fueled by Experience and Vision

At IPXPay, we're driven by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs whose collective expertise in Fintech, Banking, and Processing spans over half a century. This depth of experience ensures that our vision for a streamlined payment process is not just a concept but a reality we're bringing to the market.

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Mindset - Pioneering with Precision and Openness

At IPXPay, our approach is defined by a commitment to precision and a culture of openness. We recognize that true innovation in the financial sector doesn't come from claiming to have all the answers but from a willingness to explore, adapt, and refine. Our team is dedicated to this ethos, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients.

Our white-glove service reflects a deep understanding of the nuanced challenges businesses face in optimizing revenue streams and expanding market reach. By fostering a collaborative environment, we harness collective insights to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. This mindset is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver secure, seamless, and scalable financial solutions.

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People Behind IPXPay

Franklin Levy Managing Partner

Franklin Levy

Managing Partner

Before joining the other founders to create IPXPay, Franklin has enjoyed a diverse background as an entrepreneur and trusted advisor. He has been an active manager and serves on the Boards of Maanshan Xiaonshan Mining Company in the People's Republic of China and GS Mining Company in Colorado.He is also a principal in and advisor to companies in Asia developing a casino resort in Kazakhstan. He was recently appointed by the government of the Province of Guangxi, China as Consultant to China Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park. Mr. Levy served for many years as Counsel and Advisor to Las Vegas Sands, and to its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Levy is a graduate of Yale.

Scott Dorey Managing Partner

Scott Dorey

Managing Partner

Mr. Dorey serves as Chairman of West1, a private equity firm that makes investments in the technology, natural resources and real estate sector. West1 is currently co-developing casinos, hotels and luxury communities in several markets. Previously Mr. Dorey founded a fund that became one of the largest equities lenders and block trading institutions in Asia. He is a Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman and CEO of OpenPath, a leading payments platform. Prior to West1, he was with Lehman Brothers in New York and London, with roles in technology and communications/media mergers and acquisitions, Senior Relationship Management and Principal Transactions. While at Lehman, Mr. Dorey was a senior advisor in the Office of the Chairman/Vice Chairman. Before joining Lehman, Mr. Dorey was a Corporate Lawyer at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton and Garrison in New York focused on global mergers and acquisitions. He is a past Co-Chairman of Legacy Senior Housing. Prior board affiliations include the March of Dimes; the Institute of International Education (which administers the Fulbright Scholarship Program and the Scholar Rescue Fund); NYU Downtown Hospital, Inter-Citic Resources Inc., Largo Resources Ltd., and the New York Federal Reserve Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group. Mr. Dorey graduated with a Law degree from King’s College London and has an undergraduate degree from Laurier.

William Corbet Managing Partner

William Corbett

Managing Partner

Mr. Corbett was formerly a Wall Street executive with over 30 years in investment banking including many years at the iconic firms of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. As the founder and CEO of a successful San Francisco Investment Banking boutique, he financed over $2 billion in public and private companies. He was an advisor for biotech, development, and growth-stage technology companies providing both strategic capital and a path to go public.

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